After starting with logistics provider GXO in 2016, Yvonne M. Holland, director of contingent workforce, was integral in the creation of the company’s contingent workforce program and the contingent workforce management office (CWMO). She helped assemble the team and structure the department to manage what is now a contingent workforce of about 8,000 workers at 300 facilities across the US. During the peak holiday shopping season, that workforce can grow to approximately 15,000.

The contingent team, comprising six managers in defined markets, enables GXO to provide a talented, flexible workforce to support its growth in today’s highly competitive labor market.

Under Holland’s leadership, the CWMO created GoDoc, an internal tool that highlights the benefits available at each work site (e.g., mothers’ rooms, fitness centers) so suppliers can help their candidates gain a better understanding of the workplace and culture. GoDoc has become a vital way for GXO to engage the right candidates, especially because many contingent workers go on to become full-time employees and leaders with the company.

Holland has worked to optimize the company’s strategic recruitment partners to a base of 30 diverse suppliers that help the company and its customers reach its diversity goals. “We established metrics, scorecards, supplier rules of engagement and standard communications to optimize the program,” she says. “Our supplier council meets monthly to discuss relevant legislation, events and trends to help us continuously improve our program while supporting growth and opportunity for GXO.”