With a career spanning more than two decades at ExxonMobil, Tatiya Chanyaswad started in procurement and now leads vital transitions within contractor services.

Now, as the program manager for contractor services, Chanyaswad oversees a sizable contingent labor workforce more than 2,700 contractors spread across 14 countries in the Asia Pacific region. Covering a spectrum of skills, including IT, technical and general positions, the program is a cornerstone of the organization’s workforce strategy.

Chanyaswad also led the successful transition of contingent workforce management to a centralized managed service provider hub in Malaysia which standardized processes across 12 APAC countries and incorporated a complex vendor management system implementation.

She demonstrates a proactive approach, adjusting strategy to align with labor laws and reconciling contracts to ensure operational continuity.

Chanyaswad’s impact on ExxonMobil’s workforce strategy and agility in adapting to economic fluctuations makes her a true transformative leader.