A dynamic and strategic leader, Mehreen Khan has made significant contributions to Caterpillar’s third-party labor program, or TPL, reducing risk and increasing compliance while meeting market needs with a global flexible workforce. Her global role, which covers both production and professional talent, includes developing strategies to streamline the TPL program.

With a background as an architect, Khan spent six years in both the government and private sector. She joined Caterpillar as an independent consultant in 2012 and has contributed to transformative improvements in indirect procurement’s reporting and analytics function. She was selected for her current role in 2021.

In the search for top-tier talent, Khan spearheads the expansion of services into emerging regions as well as focusing on the rapidly changing skillset requirements for top talent. This involves overcoming the complexities of technology integration and partner engagement as well as facing the challenge of market pressures in specific regions in which Caterpillar has a historical presence.

During the pandemic, Khan collaborated with external partners, managed service providers and analytics teams. By monitoring global labor markets, she helped Caterpillar to better manage pressure on wage increases, safeguarding its talent pool. She also introduced innovative strategies such as remote work and engaging third-party research firms, enabling more informed business decisions. Khan also delivered substantial cost savings through these strategies. Her leadership translated into significant year-over-year project savings for the enterprise.

Looking ahead, Khan anticipates challenges in technology adoption, continual changes in staffing requirements and challenges associated with skillset alignment tied to advances in technology as well as changes in customer demand. She says transparent data capture and insights will be pivotal as the program evolves to meet dynamic demands.