With 14 years’ experience, Liana Anderson, corporate VP and head of the contingent workforce office, is no stranger to the profession — but her current role at New York Life is a long way from her early career as an industrial engineer.

“I really wanted to shift into the supply chain, which led me into procurement and ultimately into the fascinating world of third-party labor and everything that surrounds it,” she says.

Anderson is leaving no stone unturned as she builds the enterprise-wide contingent workforce office for New York Life. In just 18 months, the foundation for sourcing and managing contingent labor has completely evolved. She grew the heavily tech-focused CW central program to one that now spans staff augmentation, statement of work and employer of record/payroll.

Today, Anderson is responsible for creating a centralized point for CW requests with an intranet site, establishing service-level agreements and key performance indicators for the CW central program, launching RFPs where needed and building strong foundational processes for smooth evolution.

As she thinks about the road ahead, Anderson believes there are endless opportunities for the CW space.

“Our roadmap has us moving the rest of the organization into the program in 2023. Although our program has just kicked off, we have much more to achieve to ensure we bring in the best talent to our end users while bringing the best value to our organization.”