Jill Roberts started in procurement in the mid-1990s — a time when jobs like her current role did not exist. Today, as IBM’s global strategist for services procurement over process, data and analytics, she uses data and predictive analytics to give actionable insights around processes and optimization of labor resources. It began for Roberts when IBM needed resources to support growing business needs. She rose to the challenge: The tech services giant’s CW footprint began to expand geographically and now operates in 100 countries across the globe with more than 15,000 contractors, not including those in consulting, administrative or industrial roles.

Always keeping a pulse on the needs of the business, Roberts is currently working on evaluating the impact of inflation on its CW workers and policies. She also focused on growing the supply base where gaps previously existed, including Africa and countries across the Mediterranean. Intent on making technology simple, Roberts is using chat bots to complement advanced dashboards for use at all levels in the business and is expanding the integration of emerging technology around AI, blockchain and digital wallets.

Roberts enjoys the variety and ever-changing nature of her role, likening it to the changing weather in her home state of Colorado. As a leader, Roberts knows she must be prepared for change and the unexpected, just as she navigated her unexpected journey into the world of contingent work.