As the director of contingent workforce at Adobe Inc., Dianne Carlo drives the policies, procedures and support needed to engage the contingent workforce and to embrace an integrated total workforce model that creates a strategic advantage for Adobe. Ever proactive, Carlo actively invests in program design separate from day-to-day operations to ensure that strategy is prioritized and not an afterthought.

Through MSP relationships in eight countries, contingent workers at Adobe offer support for special projects, workload fluctuations or specialized needs across functions like marketing, IT, engineering and employee experience. Carlo’s team is also geographically dispersed, which she cites as an advantage: “It gives us the benefit of different perspectives, which is important to how we shape our program and hear the voice of the customer.”

In addition to understanding the business, Carlo uses data to tell the total workforce story, which means the team must gather inputs from varied sources across multiple countries to paint a holistic labor picture. By implementing a new MSP and VMS solution, Carlo has been able to improve visibility into the program and create significant cost savings year over year. Passionate about what she does, Carlo shares, “Every day is interesting, coming up with solutions that can help drive the business forward. This is what gets me out of bed every morning.”