Wendy Stenger leads Thomson Reuters’ external workforce program, a program which comprises 12,000 external contractors in 75 countries. Since 2016, Thomson Reuters was one of the first companies to adopt the direct sourcing model; as of this year, they maintain 90% direct source fulfillment, saving the program 20% on cost.

The model was recently expanded into Canada and the UK as well, and Stenger looks forward to its success in those markets. “I love the external workforce program because it’s always changing and flowing,” she adds. “I love to learn, and in this program, we’re learning something new every day.”

Due to Covid-19, the program has seen a reduction of contingent labor usage since April. However, Stenger has kept people working, using several different cost-saving methods such as reducing assignment days without ending the assignment or bringing on contingent workers at more cost-effective rates.

“[Ending contract assignments] meant people would lose jobs. They need employment and insurance to care for their families,” she says. “In the meantime, we’re blessed with good technology to manage contractors remotely. Thanks to the company’s capabilities, we transitioned easily to working remotely.” In the future, she predicts that the pandemic will escalate the demand for contract workers, and her program is well-equipped to fill those needs.