Vince DeMichael got his start in contingent workforce management just under four years ago, but he’s already making a splash at DuPont as a CW program game changer. As the company’s global category and program manager – contingent labor, he has responsibility for setting the strategy and overseeing the execution of the program to include staff augmentation, project and service delivery through statement of work, and independent contractor compliance. DeMichael has been integral in identifying opportunities for DuPont to continue to leverage its program to deliver value and in building relationships with stakeholders, partners and suppliers.

While his focus is ensuring that things come together and that his team is able to deliver the right resource at the right time and at the optimal cost, he has also been working to change DuPont’s perception and focus of the program to be more aligned with value, delivery and quality. “It’s an ongoing process in the spirit of continuous improvement. With all of the changes happening in the marketplace and internally, your goals should evolve, and the organization should be consistently striving for better,” DeMichael shares.

Over the next few years, DeMichael would like to continue growing DuPont’s CW program and look for opportunities where the program can take advantage of new service offerings and technology and continue to expand globally. “I want to expand the program to make it available to all of DuPont and to incorporate channels of labor delivery as well.”