As global MSP lead, industry veteran Migle Varanaviciene led the workforce management integration of two merging businesses and is the driving force behind DXC Technology’s global program.

When CSC and the Enterprise Services business of Hewlett Packard Enterprise merged in 2017 to create DXC Technology, Varanaviciene was tasked with launching an RFP to select an external MSP provider and then implement a global MSP program. That entailed merging CSC’s two incumbent MSP providers — one in Europe and Asia and one in America — and ES’s internal MSP labor desk.

The new program brought cost savings to DXC Technology and provided a consistent process for staff to request and obtain contingent workers.

“This global MSP program was a complex environment of two merging companies, two merging processes, tools, and everything to make it work to get to the standard process to have single reporting with the same targets,” Varanaviciene said. “In general, the implementation program was a big challenge for me. But it was also a growth opportunity — and, of course, an achievement.”

Her program now is consistently managed globally with optimized supply base, objectively measured and constantly bringing savings.

Following her motto to, “Never stop looking for improvements,” Varanaviciene is now focused on making the operational program even more effective and cost-efficient.