In 2010, Jim Redmond joined PNC’s talent acquisition organization to help drive talent growth and retention across the enterprise. Six years later, he was tapped to oversee the bank’s contingent labor program, which at the time did not have a dedicated staff and was “raw and decentralized,” Redmond says. “It was a really exciting opportunity to understand what we were doing and then put a roadmap in place to say, ‘How do we get to that total talent management approach of our contractor base?’”

In his role as vice president and senior manager for PNC’s contingent labor program, he serves over 10,000 professionals at any given time, from cleaning crews to executive consultants across North and South America, Europe and Asia. Redmond has zeroed in on enhancing the compliance management aspects of the program, such as ensuring consistency in contingent worker compliance checks. Additionally, Redmond and his team have significantly expanded PNC’s services procurement side, focused on monitoring workers against active statements of work and overseeing building and systems access. These efforts have helped increase compliance, cost savings and time-to-fill in a tight labor market — all huge wins for Redmond and the organization enterprise-wide.

A problem-solver by nature, Redmond plans to continue building PNC’s CW program toward a total talent management approach and make the program the best it can be. “Once you start thinking [and operating] differently, you can leverage the best talent to get the work done,” he says.