Working as part of the Comcast Enterprise Procurement team, Amar Nathwani leads the External Workforce Solutions program at Sky, a Comcast-owned media and entertainment company. Nathwani has drawn from his past experiences, industry best practices and Comcast’s external workforce playbook to implement a centrally led program that provides insights, control and standardization to the management of external labor at Sky. “The program is a critical component in driving external labor decisions at Sky,” he says.

Nathwani has established a small and focused team that manages the third-party managed service provider. The program encompasses a number of European countries, whose variety of laws governing the use of nonemployee labor add to the job’s complexity. The program has been maturing very quickly, Nathwani says. “The guidance from Comcast and Sky stakeholders has been instrumental in the program’s success, and I look forward to partnering to deliver additional benefits to advance Sky’s business initiatives.”